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5 places you won’t miss in Rome

World’s capital city, queen of all the arts and beauties, Rome’s majesty loses its way in its innumerable histories, so impressive that survived up to nowadays. You ...

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2011-05 Rome 0706 - Vatican

Rome museum: how to visit them

 If one of your main interest in life is art and history, you cannot miss to visit at least once in ...

Cat Sanctuary set in the famous ruins of Torre Argentina

Just five minutes from Piazza Venezia, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, Largo di Torre Argentina is largely known as the square where ...

Piazza Venezia and the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

Piazza Venezia is a busy town square in the centre of the city of Rome, characterized by an immense white marble ...

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a square located near the Pantheon: here you can finda lot of stylish restaurants, outdoor cafes and night clubs around. Start ...

Three important movies set in Rome

The Ethernal City was chosen very often to set various movies of any kind, and this is not a coincidence: its ...

The colourful Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome

Rome is Italy’s capital and largest metropolitan city. It is nearly impossible to avoid history in Rome, since each and every cobblestone ...

Via Veneto

Located close to major sights in Rome, Via Veneto is within walking distance of the Vatican City and the Colosseum. Via ...

Palazzo dei Congressi

One of the few planned developments in the city of Rome’s history, the EUR business district was constructed on occasion of ...

Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo) was the largest chariot racing stadium in ancient Rome. Its origins are still a bit murky. ...

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Tourist scam to avoid: the dropped wallet

Well-known scam very documented: an empty wallet that looks as though it has been stolen and dumped on ...

Tourist scam to avoid: the thrown baby

A woman will walk up to you and throw her baby (usually a doll) into your arms. While ...

Tourist scam to avoid: rose for your girlfriend

“Rose for your girlfriend” scam is when someone will approach you (tipically /w your girlfriend) offering a rose ...

Tourist scam to avoid: the postcard

A child poor looking will put a postcard and pen right in your face, while asking for help: ...

Tourist scam to avoid: the friendship bracelet

Someone will approach you and offer a friendship bracelet: regardless of what you say, they will try to ...

Hotel Phishing: Credit Card Fraud via Room Phone Call

Since some years (about 2008) scammers used to place phone call to hotel rooms, talking about some problems ...

Rome: 10 must-see places

Quartiere Coppedè. It is a very noble area in the city, placed between Parioli and Salaria: you can ...

4 stars hotels in Rome: a city lifestyle!

Your trip to Rome is getting closer and closer everyday: the little streets of the city center are ...

Where to find a B&B in Rome?

Sometimes, the hotel is a very expensive solution for your holidays, don’t worry ! We have the answer! ...

Nighttime in Rome: Testaccio

Testaccio is one of the most well frequented places for whom love nightlife : it has always been ...

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