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A brief history of the city

Rome is a powerful city with a turbulent past, but it has never ceased to play a crucial role. From a group of mud huts on a hillside, Rome grew to be the main city of the Mediterranean world, thanks also to its connection with the Papacy. Legend has it that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, two twins who were raised by a she-wolf. They came to found and lead Rome, but then fought and Romulus killed Remus. Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest Romans created their settlement in 753 B.C. They were a group of agricultural farming families as well as Latin ...[continue]

Rome Tour

Omnes viae Romam ducunt: a brief history of the city

For over twenty-five centuries, pilgrims, merchants and travellers have wended their way towards Rome, one of the most historic cities in Europe, built on seven hills ...

Climb Saint Peter’s chapel

Rome top view is totally breath taking: your eyes will look right into Conciliazione’s street where you can admire the historical beauty of this eternal city. ...

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Informations for Tourists

Tourist scam to avoid: the dropped wallet

Well-known scam very documented: an empty wallet that looks as though it has been stolen and dumped on ...

Tourist scam to avoid: the thrown baby

A woman will walk up to you and throw her baby (usually a doll) into your arms. While ...

Tourist scam to avoid: rose for your girlfriend

“Rose for your girlfriend” scam is when someone will approach you (tipically /w your girlfriend) offering a rose ...

Tourist scam to avoid: the postcard

A child poor looking will put a postcard and pen right in your face, while asking for help: ...

Tourist scam to avoid: the friendship bracelet

Someone will approach you and offer a friendship bracelet: regardless of what you say, they will try to ...

Hotel Phishing: Credit Card Fraud via Room Phone Call

Since some years (about 2008) scammers used to place phone call to hotel rooms, talking about some problems ...

Rome: 10 must-see places

Quartiere Coppedè. It is a very noble area in the city, placed between Parioli and Salaria: you can ...

4 stars hotels in Rome: a city lifestyle!

Your trip to Rome is getting closer and closer everyday: the little streets of the city center are ...

Where to find a B&B in Rome?

Sometimes, the hotel is a very expensive solution for your holidays, don’t worry ! We have the answer! ...

Nighttime in Rome: Testaccio

Testaccio is one of the most well frequented places for whom love nightlife : it has always been ...

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